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Blueberry Roots LLC
Forestry with an Environmental Emphasis

Founded in 2020, Blueberry Roots LLC specializes in forestry consultation, timber harvest permitting and forest inventory. Striving to balance regulatory requirements with landowner preferences and present/future environmental concerns we offer a practical "boots on the ground" approach to the forestry needs of today. With highly competitive field rates and customized client care Blueberry Roots LLC is a good fit for both small and large landowners alike. 

Founder & Forester

Ryan Lindsay, founder, forester, and nature enthusiast grew up in the cascade foothills town of Sedro Woolley. Introduced to the outdoors by his mother and father he fell in love with the wild and never looked back. A curious, young mind, fostered by positive mentors (Eagle Scout), quality education, and open spaces further propelled a desire to understand how the natural world works. Shortly after graduating from the University of Washington, Seattle, with a B.S. in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (2004) he began work in the private industrial forest sector (July 2004-March 2020) training under a master career forester. At the onset of Covid-19, times being what they were, a strategic move to re-focus on family was made. Blueberry Roots LLC was born, a new adventure embarked and the love for nature, open spaces and growing can now be shared. Blueberry Roots LLC is proudly moving into 2023...


Emphasis on the Environment

With more than 18 years as a professional forester, and a lifetime of outdoor experience, founder Ryan Lindsay, is adept at combining landowner forest needs with those of the native Pacific Northwest Environment. At Blueberry Roots we strive to protect aquatic resources, sensitive, threatened and endangered species, valuable and unique habitats, rare and old growth trees, while managing for the landowner's forest health and fiscal gains. 

Growing Things

Farms and Forestry go hand in hand. Here at the Blueberry Roots homestead, we are practicing and teaching the art of growing. The fertile soil and mild climate of Skagit Valley provides the backdrop for an education in sustainable harvest. Three young children run (or crawl) between a seemingly endless "magic garden" of giant pumpkins, corn, peas, carrots, tomatoes, onions and most every other fruit, nut or berry imaginable. Chickens, ducks, horses, a pony, cat, and dog complement this little hobby farm and office. Lessons are learned every year about light space, soil, nutrients, pests, disease, companion planting and usage. Seeds are saved, adjustments made, the cycle repeats itself. 12 months a year fresh produce is available. Like the children and the garden, Blueberry Roots, is also growing. Sun, water, time, energy and a little luck. Washington truly is an amazing place to live.

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