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Silviculture: The art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests and woodlands to meet the diverse needs and values of landowners and society such as wildlife habitat, timber, water resources, restoration, and recreation on a sustainable basis.


  • Forest Management Plan Composition & Updating

  • Harvest Unit Layout & Permitting

    • Clear Cut​

    • Partial Cut​​

    • Commercial Thinning

    • Stream Typing and Buffering

    • Rule Identified Feature Exclusion

  • Log Sales & Marketing

  • Forest Road Layout & Permitting

    • Road Inspection​

    • Maintenance Plans

  • Timber Cruising

    • Harvest Valuation

    • Standing Volume

    • Market Volume

    • Log Grading/Species Sorts

  • Tree Planting

    • Contracting

    •  Inspection

  • Plantation Inventory & Silviculture Strategies

  • Forest Health Inspection

  • Invasive/Undesirable Weed Mapping & Control

  • Herbicide Application

    • Roadside and Right-of-Way​

    • Site Prep

    • Brush/Weed Management

    • Spot Treatment

    • Invasive Species Control

*Blueberry Roots LLC offers a full line of forestry services. What we do not directly provide (logging, heavy equipment operations, etc.) will be contracted to the best available operators in the industry with oversight and contract administration provided by Blueberry Roots.


Timber Cruising

Whether your forestry needs include log sale volume in board feet by species and grade/sort, standing volume for a land purchase or science backed data for a forest management plan, Blueberry Roots LLC specializes in forest inventory.


Standard data collection includes trees per acre, volume by species, diameter at breast height, diameter at log scale length, live crown ratio, tree age, and tree health. Cruising includes stand mapping (delineation) and property notes including streams, wetlands, and other property-specific harvest restrictions, in addition to disease and invasive/unwanted weed presence. Timber cruising is the foundation of a forest management plan and provides ground truthing for all computer-generated models and valuation for potential log sales.

Forest Management Plans

Ownership Level - data based - forest management plans allow the landowner to maximize the forest's growing potential and maintain reduced land tax obligations. Management plans combine forest inventory, stand delineation, water typing, noxious weed identification, road inspection and corner locating with current and future forest needs. Custom made to meet landowner needs using what is currently growing, and what can be expected out of the site based on soil types, geographic and environmental conditions.


Management plans by Blueberry Roots are easy to read, easy to follow, and full of valuable information on what can be expected over the coming years.

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Timber Harvest

Blueberry Roots LLC will see you through the complete timber harvest process. We will lay out and permit the harvest unit to meet landowner objectives. Whether monetary, aesthetic, or habitat-based Blueberry Roots uses best management practices to maximize your harvest potential. We contract with high quality, reputable loggers and truckers working hard to secure the best available rates. Wood is marketed to large, local mills seeking the best available log price and ensure all parties are paid in full in a timely manner for services performed. Tracking and accounting is provided for every load hauled. Need to pay forest excise taxes? With costs and revenues already accounted for, Blueberry Roots LLC makes paying quarterly Washington State Forest Excise Tax requirements for timber harvest a breeze.


After logging, slash is stacked and cleanup is tailored to meet landowner desires and regulatory requirements. Additionally, a detailed post-harvest report by Blueberry Roots follows. All activities associated with the harvest are described and accounted for, post-harvest management strategies are outlined, and a timeline is set for reforestation, moving your forest to the next generation.

Commercial Thinning

Top down to maximize revenue? Thinning from below to reduce competition and maintain elevated growth rates? Diseased tree removal? Chasing a specific log sort based on market conditions? Blueberry Roots will develop a commercial thinning regime that is right for your stand. Leave/take trees will be tallied and marked accordingly ensuring only the trees marked for harvest will be cut. Low impact harvest methods are utilized on pre-mapped harvest corridors. The landowner will be left with a vibrant, healthy forest. 

roadbrushing photo website.jpg

Road Maintenance

Forest access roads overgrown? Recently purchased a property that is behind in scheduled maintenance? Blueberry Roots LLC is very qualified in forest road maintenance plans, road design and construction. We love to get our hands dirty. Gloves and a shovel to unclog neglected culverts or repair a ditch line can be done during inspection. Return visits are scheduled for brushing at creek crossings, gates and other hard to treat areas. Our business offers permitting and contractor selection/negotiation/management for bigger projects that require skilled operators and heavy equipment such as replacing existing culverts and new forest road construction. Whatever the road issue, we will formulate a plan to move forward. Your forest road will be compliant and ready to use in no time. 

Planting New Trees

Planting & Tree Care

Once your site is cleared and prepped, we will help with seedling selection, purchase and pick up. Site specific planting plans are created to balance landowner desires with site conditions and requirements. Each tree is carefully planted to ensure the highest probability of survival. Planting of 4,000 or less seedlings (~10 Acres) are planted by Blueberry Roots. Larger units are contracted out to specialty planting crews. Accompanying planting inspection ensures full coverage and a follow up survival inventory (or two) ensures that your site gets off to the best start possible. 

Corner Locating

More than likely your property has been surveyed before. Perhaps it has been a number of years since the monuments have been visited? Management plans and harvest activities adjacent to property boundaries require ownership lines. Blueberry Roots can save a landowner money, even when a licensed survey is required, by locating old (but existing) corner monuments using GPS and compass navigation, available on-line data and occasionally a metal detector. Depending on prior surveys and markings, cut lines and harvest boundaries, there may be enough relic evidence to circumvent the survey process.


Stream Typing & Wetland Delineation

Blueberry Roots will help identify and verify all streams and water bodies within 250' of ownership (per WA DNR rules) for management plans and timber harvest applications. Field marking of rule identified and otherwise sensitive or important features is included. Landowners will have unmapped streams and wetlands mapped along with potential harvest restrictions outlined in a detailed report. 

Forest Health Inspection

Overcrowded conditions? Dying Trees? Whether it is disease, pest, animal damage or simply not the stand structure that you desire we are here to help. From diagnosis through rejuvenation Blueberry Roots will help grow a vibrant, healthy forest.


Western Red Cedar dying? Significant losses of western red cedar, especially along the I-5 corridor, over the last 5-8 years due to drought stress reducing tree resiliency has occurred. Much of the wood is often sound and pest free. Harvest soon before losing out on cedars high value.

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